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Affordable living with all the comforts of home!
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ATNEST provides a sense of community, comfort & convenience.
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Delicious, nutritious meals, just like Mom-Cooked
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A safe haven with 24/7 security and safety!
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Smart Co-living Spaces for All

ATNEST homes are a safe haven for Working Professionals, Students & Executives. 

We offer a gender-neutral living environment with great infrastructure for everyone: Families, Bachelors, Women, Men, and Senior Citizens 



Co-live & Co-exist!

It’s not just about existing! It’s about living, making the best memories, and having the best time where you live.

Smart Living

ATNEST properties are powered by technology with Digital Transactions, Digital check-ins & check-outs, IoT enabled spaces.

Corporate Booking

Looking for bulk bookings for  & corporate bookings for the best value? Get in touch with us! 

A Place You Call Home!

We know how hard it is to relocate or to find a Nest in the hustle and bustle of the city.
ATNEST spaces are safe and cozy with all the comforts of a home.

Serviced Apartments

2 Properties

Exclusive for Men

1 Properties

Exclusive for Women

2 Properties

Luxury Co-living

2 Properties

"Hear it from our Housemates"


One of the best pg you could really get at a reasonable price,the food feels like home made and there is no routine for food north and south indian can like it evenly. Maintenance is top notch with other amenities like Wifi, Tv,Gym available.

Tdsp Reddy

a 5 star rest house at Madhapur maintenance and food are also very good any one can come and stay like one day to number of days we have nice price packages very polite management

Sahnmukh Shrof

Very friendly staff and humble owner accommodating most of not all your requests to ensure the stay experience is to notch. Road to the place is under development so expect a offroading experience. Tea as well as other food is tasty and hygienically prepared..

Eco- Friendly Living Spaces

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance


  • Reuse & Recycle
  • Affordable Living
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sustainable Living
  • Digital Transactions
  • Solar Powered Spaces


Are co-living spaces worth the Hype?

Are co-living spaces worth the Hype? Millennials traveling to metro cities for jobs now have an easier task of finding a place to stay, thanks to companies like #ATNEST ( They provide a hassle-free stay in secure societies without any brokerage fees, as well as clear policies, tech-enabled payment options, and query resolution.  But are […]

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Co-living vs. PG: What is the difference?

Co-living vs. PG: What is the difference? The main difference between PGs (paying guests) and coliving is that PGs are managed by individuals, while coliving is run by businesses. Both offer furnished living spaces, but coliving offers more due to its corporate structure. It is a combination of PGs, hostels, hotels, traditional leases, and Airbnb’s, […]

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How does a Co-living space work?

How does a co-living space work? A co-living space is a type of shared living arrangement in which multiple people live together in a single apartment or house. Residents have their own private bedrooms and bathrooms, while shared living spaces, such as kitchens and living rooms, are communal. Rent is paid for individual rooms, and […]

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Why is Co-living better than PG?

Why is Co-living better than PG? Definition of Co-living Co-living is better than PG because it offers more amenities and a more communal living experience. Co-living spaces typically offer more communal spaces, such as shared kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor spaces, as well as more amenities, such as high-speed internet, laundry facilities, and housekeeping services. […]

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